For Additional Consideration

It’s been a hot, hot, HOT week here and, judging by the weather map, in most of the US.  So, I hope you’ll indulge me all the posts this week!  Not to worry if you’ve been overwhelmed, I’ll be back to my usual twice a week schedule next week.

While you cool off inside, or outside with an icy drink, please take a moment to check out these other entrants from my “New Blogger Contest.”  There simply wasn’t enough space to include every submission, but I wanted to give a shout out to some other bloggers who are worth a look:

Julie at “Keehn Kids” impressed me with her passion and enthusiasm for our field.  Her motivation to start her own practice is inspiring!

Alissa at “SpeeCHick” shares therapy tips and activities from her own practice.  I’m planning to use several of her “Speech Color by Number” sheets next year.

Aersta at “The Speech Clinic” offers parent tips, therapy ideas and links to her favorite web finds.

Karen at “Adaptable, Flexible and Versatile Speech Language Therapy” demonstrated a cute pizza activity that can be used for articulation, language or fluency therapy.



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