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Achieving balance is tough for most women and I would guess those attracted to “helping” professions have an even tougher time putting their needs, forget first, even in the top ten. I know it’s something I need to continually and consciously work on.

Many years ago, a dear friend and I started to plan two “field trips” each year.  One takes place the Friday following Thanksgiving (not Black Friday, the following Friday).  We drive about an hour to “the big city” to a fabulous kitchen store/market to stock up on seasonal goodies and work on our Christmas shopping.

In the spring, we drive nearly the same route to an upscale mall the Friday before Memorial Day to hit up the sales.  Am I often buying new shorts for the kids (a decidedly “to do” item)?  Of course.  But I make a point to focus on me, whether it be grabbing a new pair of sandals or scheduling an appointment with the magical aesthetician at the make-up counter.  We lunch.  It’s much more glamorous and carefree then my typical day and reminds me of afternoons spent with friends shopping and giggling pre-major life responsibilities.

Are you inspired?  Think you might schedule your own field trip or is this something you do already?  Please share a “me time” activity, big or small.  You’ll be helping….



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  1. Debra

    Every year in the spring, my friend from high school and I spend a “hooky” day for just us. Since we live about an hour apart from one another, we meet early in the morning at a halfway point. Once we sit and have something to drink, we go to a massage school for a massage for each of us. We then spend a few hours shopping (usually for the kiddos) and then go to our favorite restaurant to share the menu’s delights. We continue our trek through the stores for the afternoon and then we part ways back to reality. We have been shared this “hooky day” for about 20 years and this year it will be on her birthday so I get a double bonus. These days are needed because they provide desperately needed respite from life’s daily grind and helps reinvigorate us. So I say to you, happy shopping and don’t feel guilty!! You emerge a better wife and mommy as a result.

    1. admin

      This sounds like so much fun! And you’re right, guilt has no place here 🙂 Kim

  2. Cindy

    I love this idea! I have taken me time especially when my boys were young. Now that they are grown and on their own I haven’t so much. I love planning a time with a friend each year. I think I need to practice this!

    1. admin

      You certainly should! Even if you aren’t juggling children’s needs, I’m sure your constantly be pulled by other household needs. Time for a day off! Kim

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