Bingo Was His Name-o!

I’ve had a number of young students this year with articulation issues and while they love play-based activities like finding toys in the sandbox, a quick, easy card game can help me get a lot more trials in a short period of time while keeping them entertained.

I’m a dog person, terriers especially, so I couldn’t resist these adorable Jack Russell terriers for “Bingo!”  To play the game, simply print a game mat for each player as well as a deck of target specific cards.  The decks included are initial and final:  K, G, F, V and L, but you can mix and match as needed.  If everyone is working on the same goal, simply place the cards, target side up, in the middle of play.  You will want approximately 10 cards/player in the deck.  (If everyone is working on a different target, simply compile an appropriate deck of 15-20 cards/player to place in front of individuals.)

On your turn, say the target word on your card, then flip it over and match the letter/picture to the appropriate space on your game board.  The first player to spell “Bingo” is the winner!

There’s an additional blank deck for customization and label cards for the decks to keep you organized.

You can check it out here.

Has anyone actually owned a dog named Bingo?  What was your first dog’s name?  Mine was Happy (and she was a happy little terrier)!



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