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I took several art history classes in college. Not to fulfill any particular requirement, simply out of interest. Even today, I love wandering around museums (particularly modern art) when I get the chance even though my knowledge is rather limited.

My days now tend towards hectic and it’s not uncommon to have some teenage drama around my house. I try to take at least a moment each day to pause. One of my favorite “rests” is with DailyArt.

DailyArt screen shot

I’ve had this app on my phone for a few years (they have a free and an inexpensive upgraded version). Each day there is a featured painting (sometimes it’s an object or sculpture) and a short description about the artist and/or meaning of the work. I love it.

It would also be a great language prompt for your older students.  Art doesn’t have a black and white answer to what it represents or what it might make a viewer feel so students don’t need to worry about being “wrong” or “right.” They can simply react to what they see. You may even find yourself surprised by a different take on a painting you thought had one clear interpretation.


Think of all the language possibilities for “Jealousy” by Munch.

blue hippo

Or what about this blue hippo?

At the end of the description is a listing of the items specifications—size, medium, style, even where you can find it in person. I should start a list of museums that house my “favorites” and think about planning some trips….

Do you find yourself in museums when you travel? Let me know your favorite!

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