Filling Backpacks (during stocking season)

Back in July I shared a personal goal–that for every product I sold, I would donate a completed “snack bag” to our local “Out of the Garden Project.”  The mission of this charity resonates with me as it combines the rather logical partnership of nutrition and education.

In my city, really in all cities, there are children going hungry.  Perhaps not brink of death, starvation hungry, but certainly lacking enough in nutrition to make learning an even greater challenge.  Those children who depend on the free/subsidized  meals that schools provide during the week, often do without on the weekends.  And it can take days of adequate nutrition before their bodies and minds are equipped to absorb the lessons school has to offer.  What a futile cycle.  Out of the Garden attempts to fill the gap by giving families a modest bag of groceries, enough for a couple meals, and a “snacks” bag which consists of: 2 instant grits/oatmeal envelopes and 3 snack items on Friday afternoon at their school to tide them over for the weekend.

My own children and I put together our donation bags a couple weeks ago.  Thanks to all of your help, we were able to donate over 100 bags this holiday season!

Wishing you and your families a season of hope, peace and plenty!

Anyone have a favorite charity they’d like to mention here?  Please provide a link if possible.

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  1. Dean Trout says

    This is a wonderful project you have going there! We had a backpack program at the rural school in which I worked. You are so right there are more children than we realize going hungry over the weekends.

    My personal charity is Operation Smile. Although I can’t afford give a full $240 at one time, I can give $20 a month so by the end of the year that pays for one cleft repair!

    You can also donate by selecting from their “gift catalog” which provides for individual needs such as IV starter kits, special baby bottles, post op care kits, pain medicine, etc.

    As a SLP I can’t imagine someone in our profession not wanting to do this 😉

    God Bless you in being God’s hands and caring for others!

    • admin says

      Thanks, Dean! I’m so glad you brought attention to Operation Smile. It’s such a worthy organization and what a great idea to break the donation up over the course of a year. Merry Christmas! Kim

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