Have you ever played this one? Of course! A simple paper and pencil game that is familiar to almost everyone, tic-tac-toe has been entertaining kids for…well forever. You can easily take advantage of this fun format by inserting a child’s target word(s) into each box. As players mark a square, they say the word as well. Adapt as needed—add a carrier phrase, make sentences, etc.

I have two books currently published by “Say It Right” titled Artic Attack and other /R/ Games and Artic Attack and other /S/ and /Z/ Games. Both of these contain tic-tac-toe variations for all positions (and in the case of /r/, all allophones) with both written or picture prompts. Check it out! There are three other games per target as well. The purchase of a book also entitles you to a free download to make printing copies easy. Please look under “Search Products”.



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