SLiPping Through the Day: She’s Got Legs

While I can dish speech and language with you all day, it’s not the only thing that defines me.  I’m just as happy to discuss politics, family matters, celebrity news, fashion and beauty.  If we were colleagues in real life (as opposed to just online), we’d get the opportunity for all that on a regular basis, but I’m looking to remedy that with a new series, “SLiPping Through the Day.”  These lifestyle-type posts will appear 1-2 times per month.  Let me know what you think.

I’m in the South and it’s much cooler and quicker to achieve a pulled together look with a skirt or dress which means legs on display for more than just the summer months.  I do a lot of walking, but I don’t do a lot of targeted leg exercises so I’m generally working with what momma gave me.

My biggest issue is my white skin (why is an alabaster face held up as a thing of beauty but it never caught on in the leg department?).  I’m inconsistent with self-tanner (I like St. Tropez mousse for that), but this year, I found something really easy and really great—Jergens BB Body Cream .  You can see that I’m nearly out.

This stuff is easy to find (Target, for example) and isn’t pricey as far as beauty products go (less than $12).

According to the package it has “5 beautifying benefits in one moisturizer for a flawless appearance” among them “hydrates & smoothes” and “visibly firms skin.”  Well, it does hydrate, the jury’s out on the firming thing.
But here’s the miracle of the stuff—it’s tinted.  I know this seems a little yucky, but it really isn’t.  The color is subtle, but just enough to be a little concealing and it’s definitely lotion, not make-up.  It won’t rub off on clothes or furniture.  Get the “medium-deep skin tones,” the other one has no color (and again, my legs are white and the deep color is fine for me).  It mutes little veins, freckles, and the slight tan makes legs look more toned.

Anyone else using this stuff or something like it?  Let us know!


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  1. Cindy

    I will definitely try this. In my teen days I laid outside with only baby oil betweenme and the sun to get my nice dark tan. Now being a grown-up I know better but still miss that nice brown I used to get. Thanks for the tip! Being in MN the option to “tan” outside I more limited so this may help me feel a little tropical in the middle of a frozen January day.

    1. admin

      I remember buying the series of Bain de Soliel and working down–start with 8 all the way down to 2. What were we thinking?! I should have mentioned that the smell is fine. Maybe not the tropical island scent I’d prefer, but certainly not the odd chemically smell of self tanners. Let me know what you think. Kim

  2. Susan Hileman

    Just added yet another item to my Target list! Thanks!

    I saved your post on free CEUs with LinguiSystems. Finding myself in need of 10 hours and homebound for a couple of days, I opened the post and prepared to start. Imagine my surprise at finding that option to be no longer available. I did find 7 hrs. through Super Duper. Any suggestion for others? I could use a refresher on “the hardest sound in the world” 🙂

    BTW- I LOVE using Rock,Paper, Scissors! Thanks!

    1. admin

      Well, shoot! You’re right, it looks like they no longer offer them. Truly your best value is There are SO many courses, really practical ones too, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t sooner. You can browse before you purchase to see what you think. I know there are GREAT /r/ resources on there! Thanks so much for the Rock, Paper, Scissor shout out too! Kim

  3. Christine Gerber

    This made me smile the whole way through reading–and definitely fits! I’m ready to buy!

    1. admin

      I’m so glad! Thanks for taking time to let me know. Kim

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