Red Light-Green Light

Does good speech stop you in your tracks?  Show your students what an impact they can have with this speech variation of Red Light-Green Light. 

  1.  Find a hallway where you won’t disturb anyone or head outside.
  2. Stand facing the student, approximately 10 paces from one another.
  3. Give the student a target word.  You can either give it verbally, have them generate one, or have a stack of artic cards nearby.
  4. The student says the word.  Is it incorrect?  Using monster claws and a dramatic expression, take a giant step toward the child.  Is it accurate?  Freeze with an expression of delight.
  5. You can either have the child continue to say the same word, or switch to another (but you’ll get more trials in if you stick to one word/game)

Once you “catch” the child, you can play in reverse:

  1.  Again, stand facing each other, 10 paces apart.
  2. The student says the target word, moving ahead one giant step for an accurate production; staying in place if they “miss”.

If you are working on discrimination, you might also consider playing the part of the child and having them “judge” your productions.

This game is great in aiding carryover since it gets you out of the treatment room, standing up and moving, and adds a bit of a pressure element.

Stay tuned!  On Wednesday, I’ll show you that it’s all in the presentation.  Same game with a more sophisticated slant!



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