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Oh, those quantity words!  These tricky concepts can really trip up a language kiddo since it is often about relationships rather than a tangible number.  What do you mean “some” can be any portion, large or small?  What do you mean that “most of” can refer to 4 (from a grouping of 6) or 90 (from a grouping of 100)?

Start with an introductory activity by grabbing a bag of Skittles or M&Ms and demonstrating:  none, a couple, some, a few, most, several, all.  Then move on to an introductory worksheet with pictured objects.  (Free download below.)

Now it’s time to really solidify those skills!  This game is played like the traditional card game “War” but uses a deck of cards with illustrated quantity words.  On each turn, players will need to evaluate the relationship between two words to determine who has the winning hand.  For instance, “A couple” v. “Several?”  Several wins.  Quantities are based on a whole of twelve.

Quantities that indicate the same number start a “war” and players place three additional cards face down and turn up a forth for another evaluation.  For instance, “a pair” vs. “a couple” would start a war.

When it comes to “some” any portion of a whole could be indicated so “some” almost always results in a “war.”  (Not if the other card is “none” or “all” though!)

For more info click here.

I have teens so the bathroom is our current “war” zone.  What causes the biggest “war” in your household these days?


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  1. Marie

    My husband flipping through channels with the remote!

    1. admin

      A pet peeve of mine, too 🙂 Kim

  2. Tara

    Who gets the last cookie!

    1. admin

      Me! (Cookies are my favorite!) Kim

  3. Kim

    In a house with 3 males (only 1 teen left), my daughter and I have to go to “war” with any and all of them over food & drink – who will get the last cookie, waffle, piece of cake, last helping of dinner, last Gatorade, last glass of juice, etc. Many “battles” during the course of a week! Not to mention a hefty food bill!

    1. admin

      I feel your pain. My soon-to-be 13 year old son puts away more food than I ever imagined he would and when friends are over…..total kitchen devastation! Kim

  4. Shannan

    My teenage son wearing flip flops to the hockey rink (“you’ll shoot your eye out” has become “you’ll get a toe sliced off”). My husband, who is also a coach, is CRAZED over it – “Why would anyone wear flip flops to a place where people walk around on BLADES?!”

    1. admin

      I was a figure skater growing up and I must admit, I didn’t wear appropriate footwear at the rink in the summer either! Kim PS I do have all my toes 🙂

  5. Sharon S.

    We have one computer in the house and it is always a battle for “computer time”!

    1. admin

      That’s a tough one! Kim

  6. Renee

    Getting my highschooler to finish her summer reading!!!!

    1. admin

      Ack! Not many more days for this war! Kim

  7. Rose

    Getting my 10 yr old son to go to bed when I tell him!! I always let him stay up way longer in the summer, but he still tries to extend the bedtime even longer…and with school starting soon, it will be a huge issue we don’t start trying to move it up again!!

    1. admin

      We’re working on moving bedtime earlier too….with little success 😉 Kim

  8. LyndaSLP123

    Math. 12 year old does not want to do it. (Yea… I know it’s summer, but he had a math tutor this summer due to grades last spring….)

    1. admin

      Sounds like a toughie! Kim

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