Preposition Builder: A Review and Giveaway

9/28/2012:  Congratulations to Robin Sweeney who won a free copy of this app!  Thanks to all who entered–I loved reading about your morning commutes!  

A couple of months ago I wrote a post on prepositions. When I’m starting with these concepts, I try to give the child the physical experience of the term–getting under the table, getting in a laundry basket, crawling through the tunnel.  But all good things must come to an end and at some point we put away the equipment and start generalizing with objects and pictures.

This adorable app–Preposition Builder by Mobile Education Store ($7.99 on the iTunes store)–is a great way to make the leap.  There are nine concept groupings, each containing three to four different, but related prepositions.

You select your target grouping and then change the settings based on your client’s need for auditory prompts/reinforcement.  Now it’s time to play!

The pictures are engaging and the concepts are well illustrated and clear. The child drags the chosen preposition up to a fill in the blank type sentence and it snaps into place. What I really, really appreciated is how incorrect answered are handled.

Question screen

The illustration changes to reflect the sentence you made (and corrects the grammar if needed)!  Brilliant!  Not only do you get a chance to try again, but to see what your choice meant?  I love it!

Oops! Incorrect.

Another fun aspect is that as you complete groupings, you unlock an animation reward. So when you’ve completed the entire set, you’ll have a full, animated story to watch. Cute!

Now I got it!

Stats are compiled and saved and track scores for first, second and third attempts. Scores can be email directly from the app.

I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this app, though all the reflected opinions are my own.  Wishing you had a copy for yourself?  Enter the giveaway by September 27, 2012 at midnight EST by letting us know some prepositions you experience on your morning commute.  The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday, September 28, 2012.

And just so you know, I drive by the park, toward the fire station and behind the school before I pull into the parking lot. 





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  1. Joan O'Brien

    I go through many (green) lights, over a bridge, by a golf course, and around a pond to get to work each morning!

  2. M. Parker

    I go around the traffic and through my school’s neighborhood and by all the kids walking to school to get to work.

  3. C.Cole

    I am driving beside many pumpkin patches, over a shaky bridge, behind tractors, over railroad tracks and by kids waiting for their buses before I pull into the driveway for my school.

  4. Shannon G

    I go by the golf course, around the circle school drive, and in to the parking lot on my way to school!

  5. Tracy Sippl

    I drive out of my garage, down the driveway, around the corner, by the soybean fields, through some woods, around a gas station, up a hill, down that hill, over a ditch, into the school parking lot, in front of the school, and park next to a co-worker’s car, between the yellow parking spot stripes! Whew!

  6. Shane

    Every school day morning I walk out of the house, down the steps and get into the car. I drive down the driveway alongside the fence that is around the pasture. Sometimes I see cows in the pond up to their necks in water or frisky calves running with their tails in the air. I turn onto the highway headed towards town. I go under the overpass and around the curve until it is time to exit. At the street the school is on I turn right into the parking lot, go around the half circle school drive and park.

  7. Judy Ray

    I pull out of my driveway and drive down the road. I turn past the radio station, horses and farm equipment. I drive under a trail tressel, under an overpass and over several bridges. Sometimes, I get behind slow farm equipment so I drive around it when I am on the highway. I drive down a few hills and up some hills. I turn into the parking lot, go around the student drop off, into staff parking and then turn right into a parking space next to the other cars. I turn off my car, roll down my window a little, cover up my steering wheel (so it does not get hot), get out, shut the door. Then I head into my building.

  8. Brandy

    I go through to 2 lanes of traffic to get out of my parking lot. I cross over many intersections. I go up a hill near the school. I pass through the traffic light and pull into the parking lot. I park beside the soccer field.

  9. Candi Davis

    I go UP and DOWN several hills, OVER a bridge, AROUND lots of cars, PAST many cows and horses in pastures, and park IN FRONT OF the school every morning. Usually I am on time, unless I get stuck BEHIND a school bus!

  10. Jeni Rickard

    I drive ON the 91 freeway AWAY from my house, PAST the Wal-mart, OVER Hidden Valley hill, and INTO my parking space at school!

  11. Debby C.

    On my way to work I get in the car, go around the island in my driveway, go by the mailbox, over a bridge (over a river), out of town, up a hill, below the highway, behind a farm store, in front of a church, through a green light, and park under a tree.

  12. Nicole Slough

    We drive out of the garage, through the neighborhood, under the stoplight, in front of the school, beside the school and finally into the parking lot behind the school to get to school!!!

  13. Robin Sweeney

    I back out of my driveway and drive down the street. I drive through the neighborhood to pick up a friend who gets in the car and closes the door. We drive through the forest, beside some pastures and down the highway. We go through three gates and and park at the High School in the parking lot beside the old Middle School. As I walk to my room I am astounded by the magnificent colors of Fall on all of the trees which surround the building. It’s a wonderful life!

  14. Valerie

    I back up out of my driveway, drive down the street, turn right onto the main road, go down the big hill, follow the road through the town, then turn up the big hill to my school.

  15. Kim Hovey

    I drive down my street, through town, and park behind the building.

  16. Carla Wimmler

    I turn right out of the subdivision and head a few hundred feet to stop at the QT for donuts first. Then I take a left out of the parking lot on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway (aka: “South Service Rd) and head West a few miles until I turn left again. After that I go South past the library and eventually go around the “turn-around”, over the interstate and around another “turn-around” and after going straight another few hundred feet, I take a right and curve around by some houses along the highway and quickly turn left into the school parking lot, which is next to the Y. An adventure every morning!

  17. Katy Smith

    I jump in the lift then walk out of the building past the old lady sitting on the front steps collecting paper and tin cans to take to the recycling centre. Then I walk across the road and up the steps to walk over the bridge, then I go down the escataltor and into the bus station where I climb on the bus which takes me up the hill to Watchdog Early Education Centre.

  18. Jessica

    I sit behind cars in traffic, go over a bridge and park in front of a building.

  19. Renee I.

    I get in my car and back out of the garage. I drive through the neighborhood, in front of the high school and beside the bay. Then I pull into the parking lot behind the school, making sure not to park under the trees (too many birds).

  20. Carol Rickey

    I pull out of my driveway backwards onto our road, drive forward a few feet and make an immediate left turn into our neighbors’ lane to pick up their daughter. Out of their lane, I turn left and drive forward through some twists and turns until we come to the rear entrance of our school parking lot. I drive behind our middle and high school building until I arrive in the front parking lot of our elementary building. I repeat this, in reverse, of course, in order to arrive back at home in the afternoon. Prepositions are pretty important. Without them, we might never be able to find home again!

  21. Kim C.

    Before I begin my short drive to work, I walk down my front porch steps and across my lawn to my car. After backing onto my street, I head north through a school zone toward the first street light. From there, I turn east and travel under sprawling oak trees and past many beautiful southern homes. Following this road through three more lights and one more school zone, I turn north again and travel a short distance before turning into the parking lot behind the school.

  22. Katie M

    I ride on my unicorn through the troll bridge near the yellow brick road until I fly next to the Magic School bus. Then, ALAS, I arrive at work.
    Gotta love prepositions!

  23. L Morris

    I go between the fence posts out onto out main road curving around the houses. Then I go in front of the church near the grocery store before heading down and up a hill to park amongst the other cars at my school.

  24. Kristina Young

    I drive past houses, around the baseball field, between the football field and the corn field and beside a parking lot before I pull into the teacher’s parking lot!

  25. Marie

    I race against time on a daily basis as I head toward school. I drive aside many people walking their dogs down the street. After a few twists and turns, I am near the school. I park beside a fence and head into the building.

  26. Lisa

    I drive in my car, over hills, on a highway, through a tunnel, under an overpass, and into my school’s parking lot. Last week, there was a lot of traffic, so I was stuck on the highway, between many cars!

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