There. I Said It.

I love Disney.  My husband and I went a few times before we had kids and having little ones was a great excuse to go every couple of years.  When they were really small and I was exhausted and felt like a shower was “me time,” Disney had me in tears with their understanding.  Lovely nursing lounges.  Booster seats and high chairs, clean ones, in every restaurant, all the time.  Waiters who brought little dishes of Goldfish to the table immediately without being asked.  Child height buffets.

We went a couple weeks after 9/11 (drove instead of flew, but kept the hotel reservation as a “don’t let the terrorists win” stand), when the parks were nearly empty and we rode the carousel until even my daughter was ready to try something new.

I’ve stayed in the value properties (which still taxed our budget) and the moderate and deluxe (love Wilderness Lodge).

I have friends that love to travel that pride themselves on their disdain for Disney,

“The Epcot worlds aren’t a substitute for going to exotic lands themselves.”

“It’s too commercial.”

“It’s just a means for merchandising.”

“It’s crowded and expensive.”

They’re missing the point.

The imaginative spirit that fills each park and property down to all the often missed-by-the-eye, but felt in the heart, details is what I love.  And I’m in awe of Walt making a dream a make-believe reality in spite of some monumental obstacles.

When I saw that my now big kids (15! 17!!) had spring breaks that overlapped, I didn’t even ask.  I just booked us.  It’s been too long and matching up schedules is getting harder with each year that passes.  Plus, I’m low on fairy dust.

Time for you to weigh in, Disney—love it or loathe it?


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  1. Claudia Doan

    Lovely post! One of the things I hold most dear about children is their delight and excitement in the world of imagination. Why not embrace their wonder and have a little fun ourselves? I’m with you! 🙂 have an amazing time with your family-that’s the best part of life!

    1. admin

      Thanks so much!

  2. Laura

    I love Disney, too! There is something there for every age. It is so “family friendly!”

    1. admin


  3. Erin

    Have a great trip/break 🙂

    1. admin

      Thanks, Erin!

  4. Mary Huston

    I went to Disneyland when I was 17 and that is, unfortunately, the only time I’ve been. I haven’t been able to afford to take my daughter to either Disney yet…but it’s on our list of to-do sometime. One day we’ll be able to.

    1. admin

      The beauty, Mary, is that you never outgrow it so keep it on that list!

  5. Jen K

    Love it! I just got back from my Spring Break and did a day at Magic Kingdom with my family. It was wonderful and the kids had a blast. We were there for 16 hours and no one complained! Had a blast on the roller coasters and rides and enjoyed our time with the characters! It was a trip my kids will remember!

  6. Lisa

    LOVE Disney. We are DVC members. Honeymooned at Disney. Now we bring our boys every summer. Our countdown is on and I can’t wait until we can get back and relax with a side of Mickey magic!

    1. admin

      Such fun! The DVC always intrigued me. Kim

  7. Tammy M.

    I love Disney…my husband and I honeymooned at Disney World and since I live on the west coast, we try to get to Disneyland every couple years or so…if they let me move in to Cinderella’s castle I would be happy to take up residence there!!!

    1. admin

      If you do move in, please invite me to dinner! I’ll bring the wine! Kim

  8. Joan O'Brien

    Okay – I’ll be brave and put it out there : I loathe it. I remember going as a kid once and I think I liked it ?! (I’m dating myself, but it was when Epcot was just in the planning stages.) Admittedly, a big piece of my opinion is probably based on the fact that I don’t have any kids of my own. However,I did go with grad school girlfriends a few years back and it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I don’t begrudge anyone their magical experiences, but it’s not for me 🙁

    1. admin

      Oh, Joan! We love you anyway! Our differences is what makes life interesting!

  9. Janis Giordanelli

    Love Disney! My husband and I go almost every year and we have no children. The attention to detail at Disney World is beyond belief. We have never had a bad experience there.

  10. Heidi Britz

    I LOVED growing up in the shadow of the Mouse House! I prefer WDW to Disneyland (we lived in California too), but both parks are so fun! I actually got to be in a Disney commercial when I was six years old (I was the Easter bunny). It helped to pay for my first year of college in Orlando at UCF many years later, so I will always have a love for all things Disney <3

  11. Brynn

    My enthusiasm for DW was a little dampened by rain on my first and only trip there, as an adult. I loved the flowers and attention to detail. Not a huge fan of the lines and the prices. My daughter was 7 at the time. Seeing the magic through her eyes was the highlight of the trip. I’m not sure if she even remembers how it rained all day. She was able to go with her high school orchestra two weeks ago and still loved it at 18. Can I be somewhere in between love it and loathe it?? We do want to go again to give our boys (10 and 11) the experience. It’s a very LONG drive from Minnesota but definitely a wish list thing.

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