While I do admit to a rather extensive list for Santa (see list from Dec. 4), I harbor a much different hope in the therapy realm. Last year on Twitter there were a number of exchanges regarding gifts from clients.  Therapists who were grateful to be appreciated, touched to receive a gift, but who valued a handwritten thank you note over any purchase.

I treasure the notes I receive from either children or parents. I save them. I love them as reminders of what I appreciate about my work, as well as the little people I’ve watched work so hard.

So, just an idea, if you feel similarly then do unto others. Spend a few minutes writing a note to someone who has really made a difference to your child this year whether it be a therapist, teacher or coach.

And why not write a note to your kiddos or their parents letting them know how much you appreciate them and the reasons why?  If the holiday season is too overwhelming for you to even consider adding another to-do, save it for the new year or even Valentine’s Day.

And while I still have you, let me say thank you. Thank you for reading.  Thank you for all the comments, questions, ideas and recommendations.  Thank you for the support and encouragement!

Subscribers, if you need a little help getting started, I’ve created a winter-themed thank you note.  Click here.  

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  1. Leanne Pool

    I remember making those plates! I agree that a written thank you note is important. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas on your blog!

    1. admin

      Thanks! Have a great day! Kim

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