Two Year Olds

Two-year-olds are going through a period of tremendous language growth which is exciting to witness! However, most will not be able to communicate their wants and needs clearly to others. This frustration is what often leads to the temper tantrums of the “terrible twos.”

You can help your little one by expanding their language; when they say a 1-2 word phrase repeat it back to them, adding one or two more words. This might sound like,

Child: See dog!

Caregiver: See the big dog! (highlighting size word), It’s a brown dog! (adding a color word), I see the furry dog! (adding a descriptive word), The dog is running! (adding an action word)

Use the activities below to expand their vocabulary and to work on basic body part labels. Your child will demonstrate understanding of the words (Show me your nose!) before they say it themselves.

At this age, you should understand about 75% of what your child says. Unfamiliar listeners will understand about 50%.