I want to provide an environment where students who struggle have success. Where they have so much fun, they ask to come back for more. Where lessons transfer so seamlessly from the therapy room to the classroom and home, parents and teachers both say, “why didn’t I think of that?”

I work with small, incremental changes in academic performance that will transform students from struggling to keep up to eager to raise a hand. I also love helping students who have been known to zone out or act up in class become the ones bringing home glowing conference and progress reports. I’m so passionate about helping my students succeed, that I’ll fiddle as long as I need to for an activity to fit “just right.” This frequently means creating several different approaches to target the same skill, accommodating baby steps when increasing difficulty and providing visually clean materials to decrease distractions.

When families see their child eager to learn and lessons begin to “click,” they’re as excited as I am! This enthusiasm and understanding translates to more consistent practice at home, the cornerstone to a successful therapy experience.

If your kiddos are challenging you and you’re ready to collaborate, stick around. We’re gonna have fun!