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Summer Superlatives and Comparatives FREEBIE!

I spent quite a bit of time working on -er and -est endings last year.  (Maybe you remember my Christmas Comparatives FREEBIE?  Grab it now for a “Christmas in July” theme.)  Well, it was time for a warm weather version, … Continue reading

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Setting the Bar High

How hard do you push your students?  I’ll admit I used to want speech to be fun, light, better than the classroom since I was an “extra” service.  I’d get our work accomplished and we’d do a lot (high trials) … Continue reading


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Targeting Language Delays: book review and giveaway!

***Congratulations to Damaris who won a free copy of this resource!*** A few months ago I was contacted by Woodbine House and asked to review Targeting Language Delays by Caroline Lee, L.C.S.T.  I was happy to do so, but was … Continue reading


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