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10 reasons ELA Teachers need to raid the speech closet

Just because we’re labelled the “speech teacher” doesn’t mean we spend our days sorting out lisps and funny “r’s.”  Most of us spend the majority of our time working on language and communication in all of its forms–spoken, written and … Continue reading

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Summer Superlatives and Comparatives FREEBIE!

I spent quite a bit of time working on -er and -est endings last year.  (Maybe you remember my Christmas Comparatives FREEBIE?  Grab it now for a “Christmas in July” theme.)  Well, it was time for a warm weather version, … Continue reading

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Setting the Bar High

How hard do you push your students?  I’ll admit I used to want speech to be fun, light, better than the classroom since I was an “extra” service.  I’d get our work accomplished and we’d do a lot (high trials) … Continue reading


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