SLiPping Through the Day: She’s Got Legs

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While I can dish speech and language with you all day, it’s not the only thing that defines me.  I’m just as happy to discuss politics, family matters, celebrity news, fashion and beauty.  If we were colleagues in real life (as opposed to just online), we’d get the opportunity for all that on a regular basis, but I’m looking to remedy that with a new series, “SLiPping Through the Day.”  These lifestyle-type posts will appear 1-2 times per month.  Let me know what you think.

I’m in the South and it’s much cooler and quicker to achieve a pulled together look with a skirt or dress which means legs on display for more than just the summer months.  I do a lot of walking, but I don’t do a lot of targeted leg exercises so I’m generally working with what momma gave me.

My biggest issue is my white skin (why is an alabaster face held up as a thing of beauty but it never caught on in the leg department?).  I’m inconsistent with self-tanner (I like St. Tropez mousse for that), but this year, I found something really easy and really great—Jergens BB Body Cream .  You can see that I’m nearly out.

This stuff is easy to find (Target, for example) and isn’t pricey as far as beauty products go (less than $12).

According to the package it has “5 beautifying benefits in one moisturizer for a flawless appearance” among them “hydrates & smoothes” and “visibly firms skin.”  Well, it does hydrate, the jury’s out on the firming thing.

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But here’s the miracle of the stuff—it’s tinted.  I know this seems a little yucky, but it really isn’t.  The color is subtle, but just enough to be a little concealing and it’s definitely lotion, not make-up.  It won’t rub off on clothes or furniture.  Get the “medium-deep skin tones,” the other one has no color (and again, my legs are white and the deep color is fine for me).  It mutes little veins, freckles, and the slight tan makes legs look more toned.

Anyone else using this stuff or something like it?  Let us know!





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New Blogger Link-up and Guest Post contest!

New blogger baby

Here I am, ready to celebrate my 3rd blog-iversery!  Last year, I gave new(er) speech bloggers a chance for some exposure and I’d love to do the same this year.  So….here we go!  If you have been blogging 18 months or less and are interested in entering my “New Blogger Contest,” leave me a comment letting me know, and I’ll contact you directly so you can send me a link to something you are particularly proud of or something you’re currently working on.  I will select one blogger as the winner and your post will appear here in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, please link-up below so we can see what you have to offer!  Feel free to link your general blog URL or a specific post.  You have until July 27, 2014 to link.  Good luck!

For you experienced bloggers (or language lovers), check out Weird Al’s newest parody, “Word Crimes,” the SLP song of the summer!

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Action Articulation (Part 2)

Action Artic S cards copy

About a year and half ago I wrote a post titled A Little More Action.  I had been to a few conferences that had me making some tweaks to my therapy.  The first suggestion was to focus on voiced errors (with the idea that the voiceless would likely correct without direct intervention once the voiced target did) and the other was that adding movement to therapy aided dramatically in carry-over.

But here’s the thing, I had a few kids, actually quite a few, that struggled so dramatically with the voiced phoneme that we couldn’t start there—the frustration was at quitting levels—so nowadays, while I’ll take a good stab at starting with voiced, I’ll switch back to the traditional voiceless if we can get success there more easily.

My Action Articulation cards give wiggly kiddos an opportunity to act out silly actions or can be used as charades and they offer lots of options for language development and following directions!   Lots of therapists downloaded my initial sets, but now I have voiceless options, as well as a compiled bundle to save you more than 20% if you purchase all the available sets.  If you’re the crafty sort, check out my inital post for creating storage tins from empty mint containers.

Action artic L blend FREEBIE cards copy

And if you simply want to try one out, pick up my FREEBIE for L blends here.  Follows and feedback are always appreciated!

Action Articulation for R and R blends

Action Articulation for K, S and S blends

Action Articulation for F, V, SH and CH

Action Articulation for Z, L and G

Action Articulation for ZH, J and TH

Thoughts on the whole voiced/voiceless thing?  Which do you start with?

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