Late Talkers and Tantrums

Research shows that “late talkers” are twice as likely to have more frequent and more severe tantrums.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?

  • It feels like you’re on display when you’re handling another public tantrum.
  • It feels hopeless when the behavior recommendations that work for your friends have zero impact on your little one.
  • It feels like sitting down for your own tantrum is reasonable solution.
Children are frustrated when they can’t communicate with words so they choose what’s available—behavior. So if you can progress language skills just enough so that talking is the most efficient and effective way to get what they want, the tantrums will start to decrease.
Momma, you are more than capable of helping them catch up. You are essential.
The secret to maximizing speech and language skills isn’t simply the number of therapy sessions or a therapist’s qualifications, it’s daily skills practice in your child’s typical environment.  And that’s where you come in. 

It isn’t hard or clinical.

Let me take you behind the scenes and show you:

  • What each speech and language milestone is.
  • Why it’s important.
  • How to practice it at home and have fun!

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Playtime Patterns provides families with education and activities that facilitate language skills through new patterns of play. They are intended to enrich and enhance—not replace—professional speech-language therapy. 



SLPs - Get your Tips and Activities Here!

SLPs - Get your Tips and Activities Here!