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One of the most valuable habits you can develop is consistently reading aloud to your child.

Among other things it:

  • Builds joint attention
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Creates expectations for sequences and typical story structure
  • Teaches inference skills
  • Creates awareness of advanced grammatical structures and length of utterance
  • Is a fun bonding time! 

We can start today no matter how old our little one is.

  • Babies can interact with books and look at pictures.
  • Toddlers can turn pages, point to and label pictures.
  • Preschoolers can listen to simple stories, talk about characters and “read” to themselves.
  • Kindergarteners can listen to repetitive early chapter books and retell simple stories.

We can start a pattern of reading by having books available for children and adults and letting them see us read. Think of how many toddlers like to walk around pretending to be on the phone or computer. They are fantastic imitators! If they see us reading regularly, they’re just as likely to pretend to read (which is a great first step to actual reading)!

We can start a pattern of reading together every day. While many families find that reading aloud before bedtime is a great way to end the day, it may not be the best time for you.  Your child might find it easier to attend while they eat snack, when they wake up from a nap or when you get home from work. Some little ones will like to sit on your lap, or lay next to you in bed and others may find it easier to attend when they’re in a booster or highchair.

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