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When your child wants something and can’t tell you what it is, of course, you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  When they don’t have words to communicate, of course, they resort to crying and tantrums.

You don’t have to ask for a referral or wait for an appointment.

Small, intentional changes can help your child talk sooner and lighten the parenting load.

Exclusive online coaching

Live sessions (with recorded option) and a small, supportive community

How to teach talking

Six classes to learn therapist techniques and tricks to speed progress

Language Activities

Eight demonstration classes that use what you already have

Direct Access

Responses to posts and questions within 24 hrs. or send an email

Handling the Tough Stuff

Managing frustration tantrums and other late talker challenges


Printable workbook, quick reference cheat sheets, plus book and toy recommendations

The equivalent of eight hours of direct therapy and training manual valued at $850 offered in an economical, online format.

eight week coaching session for $397

Members have access to all content for a full year

Creating a supportive language environment at home is where any intervention starts–whether your child is a little behind or struggling more.

For many, this course provides all the support you and your child need. For others, it amplifies the progress made in direct therapy sessions. 

Parent of a 2 year 4-month-old
He went from a 1-3 word vocabulary to a 35-word vocabulary. He has gone from pointing and gesturing for most of his needs to expressing with words. As his communication has improved and since he can express his feelings better, our son is much happier and proud of his success. He has fewer outbursts and can speak to communicate what he wants. Kim has made us less worried and given us peace of mind with our son’s delayed speech.
Parent of a 3 year 2-month-old
My interactions (big and small) with my child feel more purposeful. Expressively, his vocabulary has grown extensively; from play sounds to labeling to including more verbs and core words to putting more words together and better expressing his thoughts and needs; that progress has been wonderful to see and hear.
Parent of a 2 year 1-month-old
I have a better understanding of ways to teach my toddler. He likes to peek around his highchair and say boo, lately. He has been talking a lot more since I listened to our course, so thank you for that! 5 stars for both the course and workbook!


Imagine your child asking for a snack, “reading” a book or talking while they play. Picture fewer frustration tantrums and more peaceful days. Swap anxiety for confident competence.


It's been my honor to hold the hand of anxious mamas for over 25 years. You'll still find me working 1:1 with little ones in NC or presenting to 100+ therapists on innovative techniques.

Kim Lewis M.Ed., CCC-SLP

If you’re like me – you have a lot of questions! – FAQs​

You’ll receive an invitation to our private group on 3/27/22 along with the class schedule.

The classes typically have a total watch time of 20-30 minutes. You’ll learn how to incorporate the techniques into your day. You don’t need to set aside time to “teach” your little one!

If you keep up with the weekly classes, you’ll be done in 8 weeks, but feel free to take your time! You’ll have access to all the recordings and community for a full year. (The printable workbook is yours forever.)

I expect parents to have lots of questions and will make sure yours are answered! I’ll be active in the group 6 days/week and responding to questions and posts within 24 hrs.

Have questions right now? Email me at [email protected]

Each class includes pertinent language development information, a specific technique to elicit language and a trick to make it easier! Save the quick reference cheat sheets to your phone for reminders throughout the day.

The language activity sessions are based on requests from the community. Let me know your goals/struggles and child’s favorite toy/interest and I’ll demonstrate what to do!

The workbook covers everything in the technique classes in clear, concise language. Optional parent reflection exercises ensure mastery. 

We will cover the same parent training tips I taught to families in my private practice which are the key to maximizing progress at home. They will support your child’s language development today (no waiting for an appointment!) at a much reduced rate from 1:1 private therapy services.

If your child is receiving therapy services, this course can amplify progress by ensuring your ability to provide consistent support at home.

Within this course, I will not provide an assessment, diagnosis or therapy for an individual child. 

Yes! The techniques we cover in these coaching sessions are ones that will support your child’s communication skills right now and are often where individual language therapy starts. You’ll have a head start at a fraction of the cost!

If you decide after the first week that the course is not for you, you will receive a full refund.

Refunds must be submitted by email by 4/4/22.



SLPs - Get your Tips and Activities Here!

SLPs - Get your Tips and Activities Here!