Feed the Woozle

Woozle feeding

Today I’m sharing a game I used frequently this spring; Feed the Woozle, by Peaceable Kingdom.  It’s a great resource for working on following directions (single or multistep) or attributes.

Peaceable Kingdom games, if you aren’t familiar with them, focus on cooperative play rather than competition and often incorporate gross/fine motor along with lots of preschool concepts like counting, color matching, vocabulary, etc.  They are ideally suited for the therapy room.

I’ll leave the traditional instructions for you to follow yourself except to say that there are three levels depending on the age/ability of your child.  What I’ll share is how I tailor this to my room.

First, you need to set up the Woozle about 5-10 feet from where you will begin.  It’s also helpful if you can set it on another table, desk or low file cabinet as opposed to the floor.  In your starting area, you will lay out all or a portion of the snacks and the spinner.

Now is when I start targeting our goals.  I might say something like:

“Find a green snack.” Or “Find a cold snack.” Or “Find a snack with fins.”

Woozle spinner

Once the child has the snack ready, I let them spin the spinner and follow the command and feed the Woozle.  This might mean they are spinning with the food on the spoon or walking backwards, etc.

Lots of my kiddos have motor planning issues and are easily frustrated.  I don’t penalize if the snack drops (pick it up and keep going) or if you need to hold your hand over the cup of the spoon.

Woozle snacks

Sometimes I’ll hand two snacks to a child and have him verbalize what is similar between the two.  Often I’ll have the child bring two snacks to the Woozle and give a before/after direction.

“Feed him the log sundae after the fish cupcake.”  (While this addresses “after,” you can also clearly see how this targets similarities because they’re both desserts.)

My kiddos are thrilled with the gross food items and you may want to continue the yucky food theme Kitchen Monsters (Toca Boca).  Anyone else having fun with this game?  (All opinions expressed in this post are my own and I purchased the game with my own funds.)


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  1. Mary-Beth

    Yes! Feed the Woozle (and just about any Peaceable Kingdom game) is a big hit with my clients. I love all the variations you can do to target therapy goals. Thanks for a few more ideas to add to my repertoire.

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