Dot to Dot


I use this as a quick homework sheet or treatment session activity.  If I have a child working on a particularly troublesome sound (/r/ comes to mind), I might use this as a way to reinforce a pattern that we’ve achieved or nearly have, and intersperse it with “challenge” activities.


Dot to Dot sheet that works with your target word (ex. “fairy”, (the dreaded) “squirrel”, “leaf”).  I find great basic sheets at Color Mountain.  I also love the Buki activity books.  They have dot to dots for 1-10, others for 1-15 and still others with an alphabet series.


Pen or pencil for the child

How to Play

Use the highlighter to highlight dots every 4-6 spaces apart.  As the child completes the puzzles, ask them to say the target word when they pass through the highlighted dot.  For a slight increase in difficulty, you can have the child count too.  Ex. “one–two–three–leaf–five–six–seven–eight–leaf”

Quick and easy.

This post originally appeared on September 14, 2011.  Since then, I have also incorporated the iPad on occassion after seeing a post by, The Speech Guy.  Check it out–it’s great for any worksheet.

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