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Thank you, Emily Blunt

I adore The Devil Wears Prada, not just for the amazingly dismissive quotes from Meryl Streep (that we use—jokingly—around our house still) and fabulous clothing/accessories and Stanley Tucci, but particularly for Emily Blunt. Her character, Emily, steal scenes with her … Continue reading


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Setting the Bar High

How hard do you push your students?  I’ll admit I used to want speech to be fun, light, better than the classroom since I was an “extra” service.  I’d get our work accomplished and we’d do a lot (high trials) … Continue reading


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Love It and List It: Fluency

I know fluency therapy seems to throw many therapists into fits.  I think it’s the difficulty of working with something that may fluctuate, rather than language or articulation therapy which seems to follow a more linear progression. Many fluency kiddos … Continue reading

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