BHSM Water Bottle Wrappers

Last week I caught an exchange on Twitter discussing ways to celebrate/promote Better Hearing and Speech Month.  I loved an idea from @ndnspeechmom which was to pass out bottles of water with vocal hygiene tips.  So, here you go—wrappers designed for 8 oz bottles of water (though they’ll fit larger too) with some basic facts.  They print black and white, four to a sheet.  You can opt to use color paper if you want to add some flair.  Simply use a piece of tape or your contact information on a return address label to adhere.  ***Note:  it is easier to stick the wrappers/labels on if you work on room temperature bottles.

You can grab your copy here.
Be sure to stop by to join the #SLPeeps scavenger hunt.  Happy BHSM!
I also loved Mary’s idea from which was to offer free hearing screening to staff–another quick, easy and low-cost idea.  What do you have planned?

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