Back-to-School Blog Hop! (Freebies and Prizes!)


Sharpened pencils with pristine pink erasers, the smell of crayons, that wonderful crisp sound when you open a new notebook, these are some of my favorite back-to-school experiences!  To add to all your new supplies and materials, Lauren at Busy Bee Speech has put together a Back-to-School blog hop.

Beginning tomorrow, over twenty SLPs will be offering a free download on their website.  In addition, there will be a graphic at the bottom of the post with a letter.  Read in order, the letters reveal Rafflecopter passwords.  Which means, in addition to picking up free therapy materials, you can enter to win additional prizes!  (You will have 5 chances to enter and a week to complete the hop.)

Take a minute now to drool over the prizes, and set aside time tomorrow to pick up your swag and enter!

And a big thank you to our blog hop sponsors!

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