“Than Cue Fork Humming!” *


    Mad Gab came into my therapy by way of my own dining table.  My husband and son had picked it up during a trip and we had fun in restaurants trying to “listen out” cards while we waited for our food to arrive.   The official rules have you racing opponents and the  timer to solve mondegreen puzzles. (I didn’t know what this was either.  Mondegreens are words or phrases resulting from a misinterpretation of what’s been heard.)  [Continue Reading]

Artic Attack Giveaway!


Congratulations to Maria E. from San Juan, PR who won Artic Attack and Other /R/ Games on Wednesday, October 19, 2011!   Are you a subscriber?  Take just a few seconds to join and you will be automatically entered in a drawing for an Artic Attack activity book valued at $34.99.  If you win, you will have your choice of Artic Attack and other R Games or Artic Attack and other S/Z Games, both authored by me and published by [Continue Reading]

The Fashionable SLP Strikes Again!


It’s time for another departure post.  Let’s talk fashion! I live in the south and it stays pretty hot well into the fall, so I’m a dress kind of gal.  I get lots of compliments on my “dressy” styles, but, honestly a dress takes much less thought then a pants/shirt combo. My current faves come from Anthroplogie.  Dresses there are typically under $140 (remember this is your entire outfit), are versatile and they have great sales. I’m dying to try [Continue Reading]



  My daughter received her braces early, at the end of 3rd grade, and had them for about a year.  The “new” philosophy was that early intervention would focus on gross placement and that, since the teeth were still very pliable, would happen quickly.  Another short round of braces could happen at 12-14 years for final tweaking. I was prepared for the initial discomfort, some self-consciousness and the increased need for brushing vigilance.  What I didn’t expect was the lengthy [Continue Reading]

Talent is Overrated

homemake cake

(this post appeared on ASHAsphere on September 13, 2011) I recently picked up the book, Talent is Overrated, by Geoff Colvin and it’s one of those books that continues to occupy my thoughts several weeks after reading.  The author’s argument, supported by numerous studies, is that there are very few instances of true giftedness or talent.  That in almost every case, performance is a result of increased time, effort and focus. I’m a very competent cook.  I enjoy making everyday [Continue Reading]